Ivy Bee (Reserved)

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Ivy Bee's story

Once upon a time (in November 2021) 4 beautiful puppies were born and abandoned in a rubbish tip. They were so small and fluffy they looked like little bees, so they were called Bumble, Honey, Ivy and Mason. They had all been promised lovely homes in the UK, but before they could travel someone stole Ivy and Mason away from their siblings. Bumble and Honey come to their loving homes in March 2022, but no-one knew what had happened to Ivy and Mason. Then one day in January 2023 they were found again, along with Ivy's very own tiny puppies (Bramble, Bracken and Violet), after being abandoned in a forest. And now we are working to write all five of them their "happy ever after"s!

Dear little Ivy is now just over a year old and has grown into a beautiful young lady. She is a tiny girl, at around 6kg, and a very attentive mum to her 3 little pups. Our rescuer tells us that she is a very good, well-behaved girl (as are her two siblings who came to the UK last year). Before she was stolen she had lived with cats, but has not been child-tested.

Ivy will be neutered before she travels, and is currently undergoing blood tests and re-vaccination. We hope to bring her to the UK towards the end of April. Can you offer this sweet-natured young mum the happy ending she so desperately deserves?

Homecheck and adoption fees apply (minimum donation expected to be around £450, but this will be confirmed nearer her travel date). Ivy Bee will be vaccinated and microchipped with her own passport and 4 weeks free insurance. If you would like to adopt Ivy Bee please complete our pre adoption form.

About Ivy Bee

1 Year
Romanian Kennel
Nicoleta Popa

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