Lizzie's story

Poor Lizzie has had a tough life and needs a special home where she can get the training and love she so needs.  She had been starved, so can be food aggressive, but working around this is easy if you get her into a daily routine.  Her back had been damaged by a hard blow and caused her to be in a lot of pain and also incontinent.  We have had X-rays done, and she is on meds which we are slowly weaning her off of.  Progress has been really good with the help of physiotherapy.  Her back is starting to heal, and in a quiet home the chances are the problem will not return.  She can hold her urine overnight and only has accidents if over-excited.  Her bowels may need meds to help but we work around feed times so rarely have accidents inside.  She loves walks and is very loving.  She is a typical terrier in all ways, so no cats or other small furries.  Lizzie can be rehomed with a older, laid-back dog.

Homecheck and adoption fees apply (minimum donation £150). Lizzie will be vaccinated, neutered and chipped with their own passport. If you would like to adopt Lizzie please complete our pre adoption form, email or call 07859 125 872.

About Lizzie

1 Year
Uk Foster Home - Wellington

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Dog friendly

I get on well with other dogs.