Sky's story

Meet Sky, she was saved just in time from the dogcatchers when they came to take the dogs from the area her and Star were living in.

Star and Sky will need an adopter that will have patience and can socialise them with other animals and people. They are very scared of everything and the foster carer in Romania suspected they were abused by people or beaten by other dogs.

They will need a patient, undertanding home to allow them to destress and become happy, well adjusted pets. Sky is now in foster in the UK.

We would like Star and Sky to stay together as they are very bonded.

Homecheck and adoption fees apply (minimum donation £240). Sky will be vaccinated, neutered and chipped with their own passport. If you would like to adopt Sky please complete our pre adoption form, email or call 07712 613 763.

About Sky

1 Year
Uk Foster Home

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Things to know

Dog friendly

I get on well with other dogs.

Cat Friendly

Gets on with cats