‘Lucy is a very sweet and loving dog with a wonderful nature. She has come along way and will still require some effort and patience to help her get over her nervousness. she walks on the lead and is getting more comfortable walking past people and is getting a good recall and some basic commands. Toilet training has been very good and has a good recognition of the garden being the toilet. Being a very intelligent girl training will come very quick and rewarding (cocktail sausages are her favourite reward treat) she has settled very well with both of them and happily sits with them and stays with them, even when playing with loud toys and noises. We also have an older dog who has certainly helped her settle in, she gets on well with other dogs and would be well re homed with another dog, however would recommend a slightly younger dog then ours who will tolerate her wanting to play with them. Lucy loves nothing more than long loving cuddles on the sofa in the evening with her family.