This little girl was brought Theea's attention, by a lady who took her off the street and to a vet station for free spay. Lady told her she felt so sorry for the dog, because it was kicked out of it´s home, when it got puppies and lived on the street. Puppies nowhere to be found 😭😭😭 Lady has nowhere to put the dog and no money, but at least wanted to protect her from getting pregnant again. So she contacted Theea and asked if she could help rescue her , or she would have to put the dog back into the street. 😢 Of course I went to take this sweet little girl with me home. Breaks my heart when they go off the streets temporarily, only to be let back to miserable life again.💔😢 She is about 2 years old, approximately 7-8 kilos and bigger end of small size dog. 

Good with cats