About Us

SOS Romanian Rescues South West is a charity consisting of enthusiastic and determined volunteers, who are rescuing dogs from the barbaric treatment of the pounds in Romania and finding them the best possible forever homes in the South West of England.  Our charity registration number is 1160999.

Why Romania?

In 2011 the Romanian Parliament voted to remove virtually all protections for the treatment of stray dogs.  The organisations who are designed to remove stray dogs from the streets - "Animal Control" - are inhumanly killing animals through beating, strangling and poisoning.  The pounds do not feed the dogs and they restrict the access of volunteers who want to feed and care for the dogs so the conditions are appalling.

What are SOS Romanian Rescues doing?

SOS Romanian Rescues have developed links with rescuers in Romania who are managing to gain access to the pounds, and are doing the best they can to care for these dogs.  These rescuers are working to get these dogs out of the pounds, 4DX snap tested, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and ready to be transported to the UK. 

For more information on adoption please check out our ‘How to adopt‘ page or for details on fostering click here

Saving a dog won’t change the world; but for that dog their world is changed forever.