How to adopt a Dog

You will be asked to complete an adoption questionnaire and then one of our home checkers will come and visit you as soon as possible. You may not have the opportunity to meet the dog you are interested in before you adopt them unless they are in a UK foster home already.  If they are in the UK we will usually do this at the foster home.  If that all goes well then we like to introduce the dog to your home and your family in a few visits and/or walks and then we will try to complete the adoption as quickly as possible, but there is no rush we want this to work for you and the dog.  If we are bringing the dog over from Romania you will collect them after their journey from Wellington, Somerset.  Full support is provided throughout this process and our volunteers are on hand for those first few weeks of settling in.  Please bear in mind what these dogs have been through before deciding to adopt.  Moving from one home to another really causes issues for these poor animals so think carefuly about whether you can cope with hard work of taking on a rescue dog.

Once adopted we will provide ongoing support and you know that SOS Romanian Rescues South West will always want to hear about how your new family pet is doing.

Adoption Fees are £265; once the full fee is paid we will transfer the chip and passport information to you.

Terms and Conditions for the Adoption or Fostering of an SOS Romanian Rescues South West Dog

If you would like to adopt a dog from SOS Romanian Rescues South West please have a look at the terms and conditions below and then download and complete the enquiry form.


We will not rehome adult dogs to homes with children under 5 years of age.

No upper age limit provided there is support/back-up from family or friends.

A secure garden with a 6ft fence or barrier.

Commitment to lifelong care.

The adopted dog remains the property of SOS Romanian Rescues South West and if your circumstances change you should contact the group immediately.

Harnesses must be used for lead walks.

Name tag and collar are essential, microchip details must be updated.

The dog must live indoors.

Your adopted dog must remain on a lead during walks until your dog has bonded with you and responds to its name.

We strongly recommend pet insurance. SOS Romanian Rescues South West is not responsible for any vets bills.

Enquiry forms and a home check are compulsory. SOS Romanian Rescues South West reserve the right to refuse any home that is considered unsuitable for one of these dogs.

All dogs are micro-chipped and spayed or neutered. All vaccinations are up to date at the time of adoption. If the dog is too young to have been spayed or neutered then the adopters agree to carry this out, a separate conversation will be had in connection with this.


As a group we are passionate about the welfare of the dogs that we rescue and hope that you will be too.  These guidelines give you an indication of the level of commitment and care expected.

If you are interested in how to adopt a dog from SOS Romanian Rescue South West please contact us through the contact page.  We also have a Facebook page SOS Romanian Rescues South West, a growing community of followers including successful adopters and a team of foster homes.

We look forward to hearing from you as a prospective adopter of a Romanian Dog.