How to Sponsor a Dog


Now that the travel ban is easing we are starting to transport some of the sponsored dogs to the UK for fostering and rehoming.  However, this will take time, during which dogs in the shelter will still require sponsorship.  Covid‑19 has also left the legacy of increased numbers of abandoned dogs in the already crowded shelters, so sponsorship to ensure that these dogs have food and basic veterinary care is still required until they can be rehomed (whether in the UK or elsewhere).

How Much Will it Cost?

Sponsorship for each dog is £20 per month.  You can choose to fully sponsor a dog by paying the full £20, or if you prefer, you can part sponsor one or more dogs, paying £10 per dog per month (we will then look for another sponsor to complete the full sponsorship).

How Does It Work?

Please have a look at the dogs which are in need of sponsorship or only part sponsored.  When you see one (or more!) which you would like to sponsor, complete the contact form and we will then provide you with the payment details for the relevant rescuer.  If at all possible, we would ask you to set up a regular payment via direct debit, to ensure that the rescuer can focus on looking after the dogs in their care rather than reminding people that their payment is overdue.  If this is not possible, then please set yourself a reminder to make the payment: if two or more payments are missed then we will re-advertise your chosen dog for a new sponsor.

We will ask the rescuer to post updates on a sponsors-only facebook group, and (of course!) let you know if your sponsored dog finds a new home.  We would be grateful if you would continue your sponsorship until the dog travels to its new home (we will notify you of the anticipated travel date), as obviously they still need food and care during this time.

Please note that by sponsoring a dog, you are simply donating toward the dog’s keep whilst it is in the shelter:  it does not give you any claim over that dog.  If you would like to adopt the dog that you are sponsoring (or any other) please note this in the comments section of the sponsorship form and we will look at trying to bring that dog to the UK.  Please note that the full adoption fee would still apply (as this covers travel and prep – neutering, vaccinations, chipping and passport etc).  The charity’s normal rehoming process will apply, so please also ensure that you have read, and are able to comply with, the requirements on the “How to Adopt a Dog” and “Adoption FAQs” pages on the website.

“NoName” Dogs

From time to time dogs will be available for sponsorship which have not yet been given a name.  They will appear on the Sponsor a Dog page as “NoName” and a number.  If you choose to fully sponsor one of these dogs you can choose its name (please choose an appropriate name or we reserve the right to decline it).


Please note that your payment will be to a third party and not SOS Romanian Rescues South West.  Although we only work with rescuers in Romania that we trust, we cannot take any responsibility for payments sent.

We look forward to hearing from you as a prospective sponsor of a Romanian dog.