Become a Dog Fosterer

We rely on volunteers to foster our dogs rescued from Romania whilst we find ‘forever homes’.  Ideally we would prefer volunteers with some dog experience as occasionally the animals we rescue may need basic training.  We do provide support however for those who have little or no experience but whom are willing to learn.  All dogs are assessed in Romania to ensure they are suitable for fostering and adoption.

Becoming a dog fosterer requires one very simple value – kindness.  These incredible animals have been through unimaginable suffering and despite this they yearn for the same things we do; love, warmth, kindness, food, and someone to care.

Please note that for safety reasons, we are unable to offer fostering or adoption to households with resident children under the age of 5 years.

Before you choose to become a fosterer here are a few question to consider:


What type of area do you live in – are there places to walk dogs easily?

Do you have plenty of walking areas to exercise a dog?

How much exercise can you give a dog?

What type of property do you live in – is it dog friendly?

Is the property owned or rented?  If rented, do you have the landlord’s permission  to keep dogs?

Have you or anyone living at this address ever been banned from keeping dogs or other animals, and is there any relevant case pending?

What kind of job do you do – is the dog left for long periods of time and how frequently?

How many dogs could you foster/adopt?

Do you have a secure garden/what height is the fencing?

Where would the dog be left?

Do you have any dogs at the present time? Are they spayed/neutered?

Have you had a dog previously?

Are there any other pets in the home?

Are there any grandchildren?

If yes, have they had any contact with large dogs?

Where will the dog be kept and which parts of the house will the dog have access to?

Would you take a dog in your car?

What will you do with the dog at holiday times?

Are you prepared to deal with any behavioural problems, and how would you deal with any?

Do you have any previous experience of behavioural problems?

Would you mind if a dog growled, had a toilet accident in your home or car, became sick, shed hair or chewed your furniture?

Have you had a rescue dog before?

Please tell us why you would like to foster/adopt a rescue dog?

What type of dog are you looking to foster/adopt?

Are there any planned changes in your circumstances in the next 6-12 months?

Do you have any objections to SOS Romanian Rescues South West continuing contact with you during fostering/after adoption?


If you would like to become a dog fosterer then please contact us today and one of our volunteers will be in touch.