SOS Romanian Rescue

Our Story - I'm a dog, get me out of here!

This is OUR story.  This limited edition book contains the story of SOS Romanian Rescues South West and the amazing people in both countries who make it happen, together with some heartwarming "tails".

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What we do

Welcome to SOS Romanian Rescues South West, a charity dedicated to highlighting the plight of these beautiful animals. Our aim is to raise awareness within the South West of the UK and to help match foster carers and forever homes with the right rescue dog. We also raise funds to help volunteers who work with the dogs in Romania.

SOS Romanian Rescues South West do more than just save dogs from horrendous cruelty, with your help we can transform their perception of human beings. When people abuse and in some cases, profoundly wound animals, it takes time, love and patience to restore their faith in human beings. You can make the difference just by being someone who cares enough to make a difference – even for just one dog!

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