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Cracker's forever mum took one look at his photo on the adoption website and immediately fell in love with his eyes that just seemed to speak to her.  Their story is below:

"It was such an easy process to be home checked and to meet with Cracker, after all he might not like us. Thankfully Cracker did and we were so happy that he chose us to be his forever parents.  On 11 May 2016 Cracker came to live with us and he has so made it his home. 

He loves going for his walks and everyone who meets him falls in love; the biggest topic of conversation is guess the 57 varieties! He adores our Grandchildren who are 5 and 6yrs and plays with them when they come round, he loves his grandma who is 86, he is gentle around her and never tries to push past her as if he understands that she is unsteady on her legs 

Cracker has made our lives complete.  I look into those beautiful eyes and am so thankful that we were united, but I get upset to think of what he probably went through in Romania and again I marvel at how after everything he can still find it in his heart to have so much love and loyalty."