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Molly came to the UK with her sister Waffles in October 2015.  She had been born on the streets of Romania and then taken in to a shelter before being rescued by Mihaela Soare.  Molly was a very nervous puppy after her long journey and was very subdued at the collection.

Unfortunately Molly's first home didn't work out and was not a good fit for Molly at all.  She came back to SOS Romanian Rescues in February and stayed with Carol.  The couple who adopted her sister Waffles saw she had been given up and jumped at the chance to adopt her as well.

We arranged for them to meet up and see if they could live together.  After that went well, Molly came to visit the house for a day and safe to say it was a done deal!  Molly came to live with us and Waffles on 25 March 2016.

Molly is a beautiful but nervous girl.  When she came to live with us she was very afraid of men and was hesitant to engage.  That all started to change by the second day when she was jumping up for attention and sleeping on the sofa.  She has made great progress since then.  She is still nervous of men but will now approach people when we are on a walk.  She loves other dogs but is very submissive and doesn't like to play rough apart from with Waffles who she bosses around.  She is very dependent on Waffles and we are working with a trainer to improve her independence, improve recall and try to reduce her barking.  She has a habit of running up to people and dogs barking her little head off with her tail wagging like mad.

We have watched Molly relax day by day and become a really affectionate, playful little dog.  She adores her sister even if she does bully her and steal her toys.  Watching her change from a nervous pup who wouldn't go upstairs to haring around the house jumping on the bed has been wonderful, she can finally be a dog and enjoy her life.

It was never the plan to have 2 dogs so soon but it has worked wonders for both of them being back together again and they won't ever have to be separated again now.